Claire's Brookings Sd (2024)

1. Claires Walmart Brookings | Ear Piercings & Jewelry

  • Welcome to Claire's BROOKINGS! We are located at 2233 6TH STREET SPC 130 where we offer the best trends and the hottest styles at everyday deals! You're going ...

  • Come visit your nearby Claire's location at 2233 6TH STREET SPC 130 BROOKINGS SD 57006. Claire's is a full jewelry & toy store along offering kids birthday party venues.

2. BROOKINGS SD Ear Piercings, Jewelry & Toys

  • Claire's BROOKINGS is home to some of the most amazing ear piercing specialists! When you're considering new ear piercings, stop in to speak to one of our ...

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3. South Dakota Ear Piercings, Jewelry & Toys | Kids Birthday Party Places

4. The Empire Mall | Ear Piercings & Jewelry | Claire's 5264

  • BROOKINGS, SD 57006. Get Directions. In-Store Pickup; Ear Piercings. (605) 607-7960 Make This My Store. Book Appointment More Details. 1. Southern Hills Mall.

  • Come visit your nearby Claire's location at 700 W. EMPIRE SIOUX FALLS SD 57106. Claire's is a full jewelry & toy store along offering kids birthday party venues.

5. Claires Locations & Hours Near Brookings, SD - Yellow Pages

  • Claires in Brookings, SD · 1.Claire's. 2233 6th St. Brookings, SD · Claire's - Women's Fashion Accessories. 2.Claire's. 1300 9th Ave SE.

  • Find 7 listings related to Claires in Brookings on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Claires locations in Brookings, SD.

Claires Locations & Hours Near Brookings, SD - Yellow Pages

6. Walmart Supercenter in Brookings, SD | Serving 57006 | Store 1538

  • We're conveniently located at 2233 6th St., Brookings, SD 57006 , just 1.3 mi from South Dakota State University. We know that you're busy, so we're here for ...

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7. PT Merchandiser in Brookings, SD - Claire's - LinkedIn

  • Responsibilities Travel is required to various stores within your assigned route. Recover, replenish and merchandise the concession shop during frequent ...

  • Today's top 84,000+ Merchandiser jobs in United States. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Merchandiser jobs added daily.

8. Ear Piercings, Jewellery & Toys | Kids Birthday Party Places | Claire's UK

  • Looking for ear piercings & accessories near you? Claire's is a full jewellery & toy store along with kids birthday party venues. Find a location near you.

  • Looking for ear piercings & accessories near you? Claire's is a full jewellery & toy store along with kids birthday party venues. Find a location near you.

Claire's Brookings Sd (2024)


Why not get ears pierced at Claire's? ›

Claire's uses a piercing gun that forces the jewelry through the skin. A trained piercer (who has likely gone through years of an apprenticeship and this is their career -- not a teenage retail clerk who does this on the side) uses a hollow-point needle that is only used once.

Is it cheaper to get ears pierced at Claire's? ›

As always, ear piercings are free* at Claire's with the purchase of a piercing kit.

Will my ears get infected at Claire's? ›

I understand that, despite Claire's best efforts and my proper after care, the potential for infection exists. Improper after care/hygiene, metal sensitivity, or other causes may increase the risk of infection. Additionally, ear piercing may result in the formation of cysts or keloids.

What is the minimum age to get a piercing at Claire's? ›

For your safety, all piercings are subject to age restrictions. Minors under the age of 18 will need a parent or legal guardians present to sign the Claire's Piercing Registration Form. Age of consent may differ by country, region, or type of piercing. Legal guardians may need to present proof of guardianship.

Does Claire's use a needle or gun? ›

Getting your ears pierced at Claire's is safe, sterile and easy. Our highly trained specialists provide a touch-free piercing experience that uses single-use sterile cartridges and requires no needles. Our equipment is sanitized before and after every customer.

Does Claire's actually give free piercings? ›

Ear Piercing is free with the purchase of an Ear Piercing Kit. For specific pricing, please visit our Ear Piercing Kit page. What are Claire's earrings made of? We offer a wide range of jewelers-quality metals such as titanium, stainless steel, platinum and 14kt gold.

What is the Claire's ear piercing lawsuit? ›

Amy Locastro filed a lawsuit against Claire's under the theory of negligence. According to the evidence at trial, all of Claire's employees were required to undergo training on how to pierce ears. However, there was no specific evidence that the employee who pierced Alexis' ears was ever formally trained.

How much does it cost to get your ears pierced at Walmart? ›

Walmart will do it “free”, if you buy the piercing studs. The cheapest are $9.99 plus tax for basic gold plated balls, the nicer ones tend to be around $20 or so. Walmart goes as low as $10, but it also depends on what type of jewelry you get.

Can you bring your own earrings to get pierced? ›

In short, yes—you can bring your own jewelry to a piercing shop. However, we recommend that you only do so if the jewelry is made from high-quality materials such as surgical steel, titanium, or gold.

How do you clean Claire's ear piercing holes? ›

Cleanse the front and back of your ears 3 times a day by liberally applying Claire's individual use Ear Care Solution with a saturated cotton ball or cotton swab, without removing the ear piercing earrings.

Why is my old ear piercing leaking clear liquid? ›

It is totally normal for a healing piercing to drain a clear, yellow or pale green fluid. This liquid can dry into a crust. The liquid itself is lymph – a mixture of plasma, immune cells, serous fluid, platelets and red blood cells.

What is the most common ear piercing to get infected? ›

Piercings in your upper ear are more likely to become infected, and infections in your upper ear are sometimes serious.

Can you walk into Claire's and get a piercing? ›

Walk-ins are welcome during stores hours. Just drop by and see our Piercing Specialists for a consultation.* We also offer online booking in select markets. See our store locator to find your nearest Claire's.

Can I take my sister to get her ears pierced? ›

This is important for piercings because in most states the adult consenting for a minor to be pierced, legally, has to be their guardian. This means that you're cool older sister or aunt or uncle can't take you behind your parents back to get piercings.

How much is a helix piercing? ›

The price of a helix piercing ranges from about $30 to $75, says Massick, but varies significantly depending on which type you choose and where you get it done.

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