Chapter 213 - When His Eyes Opened | Novel Square (2024)

Shea nodded without hesitation.

It was not like she had never gone to Hayden’s house.

She actually quite liked it there and wanted to go back again.

Since Hayden had not brought his laptop to school, he was sure that Avery had taken it away from him.

He could basically confirm that the lawless hacker was the cool little boy in the flat cap in front of him.

Although Hayden was Avery’s adopted son, Elliot wanted to teach him a lesson.

However, Shea’s behavior toward the boy left Elliot in a dilemma.

Suddenly, a loud crash pierced through the air, followed by the ear-splitting sound of harsh


The group glanced over to where the commotion came from and saw two people in the middl of a fight.

Faced with the violent scene in front of her, the color drained from Shea’s face and terror flooded into hereyes.

“Ah! Ahhh!”

She screamed at the top of her lungs as she covered her ears with her hands.

Elliot’s heart tightened at the sight of his sister’s breakdown.

She must have remembered the violent abuse she had suffered as a child!

Elliot took Shea into his arms and left in a hurry.

As Hayden watched them leave, Shea’s cries of terror replayed in his head.

What happened to her?

Was she frightened?

Those people were fighting each other, not her. Why was she scared?

“It’s too chaotic here, Hayden! Let’s head back to school right away!”

The teacher grabbed Hayden’s arm and quickly led him away.

Scanned with CamScanner

That afternoon, Avery made a trip to the police station.

Five years ago, Wanda Tate’s brother, Richard Worsley, had embezzled close to three hundred milliondollars from Tate Industries before fleeing the country

Despite the conclusive evidence, there was nothing that the local police could do.

The country that Richard had fled to did not have an extradition treaty with Aryadelle which meant thatthe Aryadelle police could not arrest him as long as he was there

Moreover, Richard had gotten an entirely new identity once he had escaped.

Avery had spent the past few years looking into his whereabouts.

It was not until recently that the private investigator that Avery had hired finally sent over Richard’s latestphotos and address.

Avery had handed over all these clues to the police.

Today, they finally had a new breakthrough in the case.

“Miss Tate, we’ve sent Richard Worsley’s old friends to persuade him to return to the country. Accordingto our informant, Mr. Worsley’s been living in rather difficult conditions. We’re guessing that he’s blownthrough most of the money he embezzled.”

“I don’t care if I don’t get the money back. I want him to answer to the law! I’ve spoken to my lawyers,and they told me that the amount of money involved in the case is large enough for him to be given thedeath sentence. Is that right?”

“Yes. Once he’s back in the country, we will arrest him immediately.”

“Alright. Thank you for your hard work!”

When Avery walked out of the police station, she felt a strong sense of relief. Returning to Aryadelle andrebuilding Tate Industries was part of her plan to bait him back into the country.

She wanted Richard to know that she was now incredibly wealthy.

He had succeeded in embezzling money from the company once, so he was sure to want to try his luckonce again.

She had asked the company’s current chief financial officer to get in touch with Richard’s friends andgive them the illusion that there was another chance to steal money from Tate Industries, and Richardhad fallen for it.

Avery got into her car and was about to head back to the office when her phone rang.

When she saw who was calling, she immediately answered the phone and said, “Hey, Wesley. Are youat the airport?”

“I am. Where are you right now? I’ll come to you,” said Wesley.

“I’m not busy right now, so I’ll pick you up.”

Avery arrived at the airport half an hour later to pick Wesley up.

She asked for his house address, then drove the car in that direction.

“How long are you back for this time?” she asked.

“For good,” Wesley said with a shrug. “I quit and decided to come back home.”

“That’s great! That way, we can see each other all the time,” Avery said with a pure and sincere smile.

However, a hint of worry flashed across Wesley’s eyes.

“Zoe Sanford called me, Avery. She’s more shameless than I imagined. You should be on your guardaround her.”

Chapter 213 - When His Eyes Opened | Novel Square (2024)
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